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My Availability

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Month of August 2019

I'm available but keep in mind these dates/times may change........

Tuesday 20th....12pm till 6pm

Thursday 22nd....10.30am till 3.30pm

Tuesday 27th....10am till 5pm


Your asleep and sleeping in the same bed as ur partner,
your dead to the world when i sneak into ur room.
i see u only have a sheet covering you cause its a warm nite.
i slowly sneak up to ur side of the bed, ur partner is sleeping next too u and his arm over u as u both sleep.
i slowly lift the sheet up at ur feet and see u only in panties no bra.
i run my hand up and down ur leg and u move it, i look up and see u have parted ur legs a little,
enough for me to run my finger up and down ur clit,rubbing ur clit and ur pussy lips.
i slide my hand up to ur tit and rub the  nipple till it hard and then lick it lightly so not to wake u.
then i lick slowly up to ur neck and to ur lips and i kiss u.
u then move ur head to the side so i had to stop kissing you,
i think to my self, mmmmmm i take my cock out my pants and start to stroke it to make it harder then it is,
i slowly glide my hard cock too ur lips and rub it up and down on ur lips and ur face,
so glad ur out of it cause i am worrying ur wake up and scream but i still keep going,
so then i try to part ur lips so i can slide my cock into ur mouth, u open a little and is enough for me to push my dick in,
mmmmmmm feeling so good i move back and forward using ur lips and mouth.
just then u move ur head to the other side and i pull out, dam i was enjoying that...
i look down and see ur kicked ur sheet off u a little more and i see most of ur body,

i so want you,dam u have me hard,,,,,
i slide down and slow and gently pull ur panties to the side and i can see ur pussy,, 
i slowly kneel down stroking my cock and start to lick and kiss ur pussy lips, u move.
now ur on ur side and i can see both holes, mmmmmmm i lick ur butt hole and slowly ur pussy,
just then u move again on to ur back and part ur legs wide,
ur partner next to u has his back to us, and sleeping his head off.
i slide my hand down in to ur panties to feel ur wetness and ur soft wet clit.


u see me and b4 u can say a word i cover ur mouth up with my hand and whisper to u ,dont scream and relax and enjoy.
u nod OK and i slowly move my hand
all the time i am still rubbing you,
ur in two minds what do i do,
wake my partner or go with it....??????????.............................
enjoy and some thing to rub off too [😝]

Month of September

I'm available but keep in mind dates & times may change..............

Tuesday 3rd.... 12pm-5pm

Wednesday 4th....2pm-5pm

Tuesday 10th....10am-5pm

Wednesday 11th....2pm-5pm

Tuesday 17th....12pm-5pm

Wednesday 18th....2pm-5pm

Tuesday 24th....10am-5pm

Wednesday 25th....2pm-5pm

Friday 27th....12pm-3pm