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My Availability

Welcome to my world!
Angel's world!!!

Read on for a sneak peek into the life of an elite courtesan.

Your asleep and sleeping in the same bed as ur partner,
your dead to the world when i sneak into ur room.
i see u only have a sheet covering you cause its a warm nite.
i slowly sneak up to ur side of the bed, ur partner is sleeping next too u and his arm over u as u both sleep.
i slowly lift the sheet up at ur feet and see u only in panties no bra.
i run my hand up and down ur leg and u move it, i look up and see u have parted ur legs a little,
enough for me to run my finger up and down ur clit,rubbing ur clit and ur pussy lips.
i slide my hand up to ur tit and rub the  nipple till it hard and then lick it lightly so not to wake u.
then i lick slowly up to ur neck and to ur lips and i kiss u.
u then move ur head to the side so i had to stop kissing you,
i think to my self, mmmmmm i take my cock out my pants and start to stroke it to make it harder then it is,
i slowly glide my hard cock too ur lips and rub it up and down on ur lips and ur face,
so glad ur out of it cause i am worrying ur wake up and scream but i still keep going,
so then i try to part ur lips so i can slide my cock into ur mouth, u open a little and is enough for me to push my dick in,
mmmmmmm feeling so good i move back and forward using ur lips and mouth.
just then u move ur head to the other side and i pull out, dam i was enjoying that...
i look down and see ur kicked ur sheet off u a little more and i see most of ur body,

i so want you,dam u have me hard,,,,,
i slide down and slow and gently pull ur panties to the side and i can see ur pussy,, 
i slowly kneel down stroking my cock and start to lick and kiss ur pussy lips, u move.
now ur on ur side and i can see both holes, mmmmmmm i lick ur butt hole and slowly ur pussy,
just then u move again on to ur back and part ur legs wide,
ur partner next to u has his back to us, and sleeping his head off.
i slide my hand down in to ur panties to feel ur wetness and ur soft wet clit.


u see me and b4 u can say a word i cover ur mouth up with my hand and whisper to u ,dont scream and relax and enjoy.
u nod OK and i slowly move my hand
all the time i am still rubbing you,
ur in two minds what do i do,
wake my partner or go with it....??????????.............................
enjoy and some thing to rub off too [😝]

My availability changes without notice.

Appointments are to be made 48hrs beforehand by texting me with 

Time & Date?   

How long for?

Your name?

Most important have we met beforehand?


I will notify you as soon as I can if that time & day I am available. You will   need to call to confirm your booked time 2hrs from your allocated appointment time. If you do not your booking will be cancelled.

If I have seen you beforehand there is no need to confirm your booking.

Kind regards